Thursday, August 21, 2008

Redlands dam air photo - site of dam breach

You can compare this air photo of the Redlands Ranch area with the YouTube video I posted yesterday to see where the dam was breached last Sunday following heavy rains in the Grand Canyon area.

Authorities now say the water from behind the dam was only a minor contributor to the canyon flows.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

  2. RobG posted a link on my post yesterday to a similar photo on Terraserver but that turned out to be difficult to post because it's tiled.

    So, Steve Richard here at AZGS went into our inhouse collection of seamless airphoto coverage of the entire state and found this by lat and long. He did some basic annotation using ArcMap.

    I'd like to post a larger image but the limitations of blogspot keep it as this resolution.