Thursday, August 21, 2008

Earth fissure maps released for Scottsdale, Mesa, & Toltec Buttes

The Arizona Geological Survey released new earth fissure maps today for Scottsdale, Mesa, and Toltec Buttes. (right, excerpt of Toltec Buttes map, centered around the I10 - I8 interchange, between Phoenix and Tucson).

Interactive versions of the maps are hosted by the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate. PDF versions are available at the AZGS Earth Fissure Center.

A total of five maps have now been published.

The two previous maps were updated today, with new fissures added to the Chandler Heights area and the boundary of the study area modified for the Apache Junction map. The new Chandler Heights fissures opened up following monsoonal rains in July.

Additional earth fissure study areas are being mapped now and will be released as each map is completed and checked.

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