Monday, March 08, 2010

Form letters dominate comments on BLM scoping report on uranium lands

The BLM released the Scoping Report today for the Environmental Impact Statement process they are carrying out on the proposed withdrawal from mineral entry of nearly 1 million acres of federal lands in Northern Arizona.

"The EIS will analyze at least two alternatives, the “Proposed Action” to withdraw lands from the location of new mining claims and the “No-Action” alternative, which would continue to allow location of new mining claims. Other alternatives may be analyzed as appropriate, including withdrawal of a smaller area."

"A total of 83,525 submittals was collected during public scoping, 1,805 of which were identified as duplicate submittals. Of the 81,720 non-duplicate submittals received, 93.55% (76,452 submittals) were identified as form letters, 5.72% (4,671 submittals) as form letters with additional comments,
0.03% (28 submittals) as public comment forms, and the remainder as original content submitted via email (0.52%, or 428), letter (0.17%, or 139), or fax (<0.01%, or 2)."

So, that comes to over 99% of the comments being form letters and a total of  just under 600 comments containing original comments.  Details of the comments are broken down in the report.

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