Friday, March 26, 2010

NSF and AAPG partner to increase funding for Earth science research

The National Science Foundation (NSF) today announced a partnership with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) to increase funding in the earth sciences over the next five years. [right, NSF Geosciences Director Tim Killeen and AAPG Executive Director Rick Fritz.  Credit NSF]
The agreement is the first NSF-energy industry collaboration of its kind.  The goal is to substantially improve research for:
  • better hazard prediction and mitigation;
  • understanding the geologic setting of natural resources, such as groundwater, minerals and energy;
  • knowledge of deep-time climates and their relevance to modern climate issues;
  • restoration of rivers, deltas, coasts and farmlands affected by human activities;
  • understanding the four-billion-year history of life on Earth;
  • increased science capabilities and competence of U. S. students and universities;
  • responding to needs and challenges in the earth sciences identified by government, industry and academia.
 Taken in part from the NSF and AAPG announcements.

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