Saturday, March 06, 2010

Geologic maps for all 50 states updated online

Andrew's Geology Blog has updated his online compilation of geologic maps for all 50 states that he started 10 years ago.   He's "using larger images and a brief introduction to the geology of each state."

The maps are posted on the website.

I've heard from a few of my fellow state geologists that there are newer versions of their state maps (e.g. Iowa, Ohio) but Andrew says this is the only national compilation of geologic maps.  I can imagine that some of us will be sending him the newer versions we have.

[right, geologic map of Arizona from the USGS]

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  1. Joe Kopera - Mass. Geologic Survey1:48 PM

    While it is a great resource, the maps of many states appear to be enlarged versions from the DNAG Tectonic Map / Geologic Map of North America... and an outdated one at that...