Friday, March 19, 2010

'Tunguska' edges out 'Wooliam' for baby mammoth name

The name chosen for the 1-year old Siberian mammoth reproduction housed at the AZGS is "Tunguska", chosen by our judges from over 500 entries submitted at last weekends Festival of Books at UA.  The second place choice was "Wooliam."

The life-size Tunguska is covered with a thick coat of yak fur from the Altai region of Asia, giving it a feel as close to a real mammoth as you can get.   That made it a hit not only with the kids but most adults as well.   Everyone wanted to pet and sometimes hug, Tunguska.

Check out the AZGS web page for the list of runner-ups.   [right, volunteer Anne Conway describes Tunguska to visitors at the AZGS booth at the Book Festival]

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