Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Geospectrum" e-zine online

The Winter issue of AGI's electronic magazine Geospectrum is online now. I am impressed with the range of news about the geosciences covered in the 47 pages. It's a valuable read. Kudos to AGI.

GeoSpectrum is the free quarterly electronic newsletter of the geosciences. Originially launched as a newsletter for the American Geological Institute in 1995, GeoSpectrum has been reborn as the go-to source of information on AGI's 49 Member Societies. The American Geological Institute coordinates and edits the publication, but it is the result of contributed materials from socieities, geoscience organizations and others in the community.

While this version is published quarterly, AGI also hosts a blog with the latest information on meetings, events, awards, and more. To access the blog please visit

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