Monday, January 24, 2011

Geothermal air conditioning talk set for Friday

AZGS is presenting two talks on new concepts in geothermal energy this Friday, Jan. 28 at our office in Tucson. We invite you to attend the talks on geothermal air conditioning and thermal profiles in wells.

Dr. Frank Horowitz, from the Geothermal Centre of Excellence at the University of Western Australia in Perth, is stopping by AZGS on his way to the Stanford Geothermal Conference, and offered to give talks on aspects of his current work.

At 10 am, Frank will talk on "Detailed thermal profiling of Perth Basin wells: a joint inversion for thermal conductivities and heat fluxes in active sedimentary aquifers"

At 2 pm he will present a more formal talk on "Geothermal air conditioning opportunities in hot sedimentary aquifers"

Both talks will be webcast nationally to participants in our DOE-funded State Geothermal Data project.

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  1. Air conditioning throughout the world... Can you imagine? Seems like something too far into the future for me.