Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mears appointed to Arizona Mining Advisory Council

Eric Mears of Brown and Caldwell Engineering was appointed to serve as a member of the Arizona Mining Advisory Council by Robert L. Burns, President of the Arizona State Senate.

The Committee is responsible for reviewing mining policy in Arizona as established by law and administered in all areas of state Government; reviewing, advising and preparing recommendations to State agencies on proposed rules and budget allocations affecting mining; and conducting periodic analyses of agency policy affecting mining, including policy as reflected by decisions of administrative law judges and agency directors.

Eric was appointed to the Arizona Geological Survey’s Mapping Advisory Committee in 2007 and has participated in setting priorities for geological mapping in Arizona and advising the survey on mapping-related issues.

He was at AZGS today in Tucson to discuss how the Survey's suficial geologic maps can be used to assist local governments in dealing with potential land use conflicts with aggregate resources.

[this post was taken in large part from an announcement on the Arizona Rock Products Assoc. web site.]

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