Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bullish predictions for copper and potash

Scotia Bank analysts say there are supply deficits (ie shortages) of copper and potash worldwide, that are pushing up potash prices substantially, and will exist for copper through 2012. says that in the August edition of Scotiabank's Commodity Price Index, analyst Patricia Mohr "Spot potash prices for overall sales in Southeast Asia and Brazil/Latin America are up 43%" year to year and can be expected to increase another $30-50 per ton. [right, potash salts. Credit, USGS]

Arizona's Holbrook basin is emerging as one of the more exciting potash areas in the world with significant exploration programs underway by three companies.

She says, "Copper remains in a supply deficit, that is world refined consumption exceeds supplies-a development expected to last through much of 2012." Arizona produces nearly 2/3 of the copper used in the U.S.

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