Saturday, August 13, 2011

Potash company outlines Holbrook basin opportunities

In one of the first public discussions of its exploration program in Arizona's Holbrook basin, Pat Avery, CEO of Denver-based American West Potash, described their preliminary plans.

In an interview in the Arizona Journal, Avery said their drilling results are confirming the analyses in the 2008 AZGS report on the deposit. He proffered that the nature of the deposit and the existing infrastructure of rail, road, and power make this a first class deposit that can compete with any other mine in the world.

He anticipates a 2 million ton per year operation (which would be almost double the total current U.S. production), based in Holbrook, employing 400, with an annual operating budget of $400 - $500 million. The company reportedly has 100,000 acres of private and state trust lands under lease. [right, AZGS potash drilling viewer, showing all permitted coreholes in the deposit]

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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    American West, HNZ, Passport question is...what is the final combination going to be?

    Rob C.