Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wupatki National Monument Geologic Resources Inventory Report

The National Park Service released a geologic report on Wupatki National Monument, northeast of Flagstaff. The 78-page Geologic Resources Inventory (GRI) report "is written for resource managers to assist in resource management and science-based decision making, but may also be useful for interpretation. The report discusses potential geologic issues facing resource managers at the park, distinctive geologic features and processes present within the park, and the geologic history leading to the park’s present landscape. A map unit properties table summarizes the main features, characteristics, and potential management issues for all of the rock units on the geologic map."

"The primary geologic issues affecting resource
management at Wupatki National Monument are visitor
safety issues, including blowholes and earthcracks. Other
geology-related issues include potential development of
economic resources, potential seismic hazards, and
future volcanic eruptions."

The GRI reports are prepared by the NPS Geologic Resources Division, which works closely with state geological surveys and universities.

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