Friday, October 10, 2008

Donors Choose geology projects

Geo-blogger Maria Blumm at the Green Gabbro blog is running a donations challenge through the Donors Choose site to help public school teachers who are asking for geology materials or support for their classes.

According to Maria, "Donors Choose [right] is a nonprofit organization designed to help you help schools tackle the projects you think are important. They gather proposals from public school teachers, and handle all the money stuff; you pick out the proposals that seem most compelling, and provide students with desperately-needed educational resources."

Maria's highlighted several projects that will bring low-tech hands-on Earth science to kids across the country: rock and mineral kits, stream tables, and basic lab supplies like notebooks and safety goggles.

"All of the projects are at high poverty schools - at least 40% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, meaning that their families earn 130% or less of the federal poverty line. These are not classrooms where parents will chip in to buy the latest educational doohickeys; these are classrooms where parents can barely afford pencils."

Green Gabbro is competing with others at the blog aggregation site in a friendly competition and doing remarkably well against some of the big name blogs in other fields. She writes a great blog (did you read her 'metamorphic petrology of ice cream' analysis? It's a classic) and has a great cause here.

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