Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey, it's Earth Science Week!

Did anyone else notice that we really aren't doing much about Earth Science Week this year?

Is it because we're intellectually and emotionally caught up in the world economic crisis or the presidential campaigns? Or because we seem to be working 24/7 these days in an endless hamster-wheel lifestyle that leaves no time for something else?

If we earth scientists don't showcase our profession and science to the rest of the world, no one else is likely to do it. And mea culpa - as the State Geologist, I should be talking to the local Rotary, regaling Legislators about the role of geology in society, and arranging photo ops to lure the news media in. But it didn't happen.

Next year, let's try to make this a special week. 2009 will be the grassroots Year of Science celebration with October's theme being Earth Science. We can start talking now about what we will do.


  1. Well, several of us posted about it and told people to go outside! I wasn't able to join any field trips, though. NBMG always sponsors field trips for the public on ESW. Maybe that would work in Arizona.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    You guys are super gay, did you know that?