Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Innovation2008 presentations online

The folks at ScienceDebate2008 held the Innovation 2008 conference in Minnesota last week and announced today that most of the presentations are now viewable online. "The goal of Innovation 2008 was to bring scientists together with policymakers and the public, to help move the United States toward policies that are better informed by scientific realities, and to help scientists, engineers and the scientific community as a whole become more engaged in the political process.The conference also explored ways to bridge the divide between science and the broader culture as a way to broaden public appreciation of science." The sessions (90 minutes each) include:

1. Innovation - Some of America's leading science policy experts discuss the current challenges and opportunities
2. Education - Evolution versus creationism is just one snippet of the politics of renewing STEM in America
3. Health - A deeply spirited and stimulating discussion of public health, pandemics, and science policy
4. News & Culture - A sizzling hot look at the problems we uncovered in American science policy reporting
5. Energy - What's missing from the current energy debate? A look at sustainability issues.
6. Peter Agre on the human side of science - A Nobel laureate's inspirational talk on crisis and innovation
7. Ira Flatow on science in America today - An outstanding discussion - coming soon!

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