Monday, June 22, 2009

Bill to fill abandoned mines with tires passes AZ House

The Arizona House's approved legislation to allow abandoned mines to be filled with used tires, but requires them to be covered by 10 feet or more of rocks or dirt. HR2278 now goes the Senate.

The bill directs the State Mine Inspector to convene an abandoned mine reclamation working group to evaluate the use of waste tires [right, credit ADEQ] as fill material in the permanent closure of abandoned mines. The working group shall include:

1. The state fire marshal or the marshal's designee.

2. The director of environmental quality or the director's designee.

3. The director of water resources or the director's designee.

4. The director of the department of mines and mineral resources or the director's designee.

5. A representative of a county waste tire collection facility.

6. At the inspector's discretion, one or more representatives of the mining industry or related commercial enterprises.

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