Monday, June 29, 2009

Breeding mammoths in Scottsdale??

I'm in my hotel lobby in downtown Buenos Aires, waiting to meet up with colleagues here for the OneGeology and associated meetings. Answering emails and checking the status of Arizona state budget negotiations. But the item that caught my attention is a post from fellow geo-blog Archea that reports that the Institute for Reproductive Studies in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been experimenting with frozen mice sperm and the results could lead to creating a new line of mammoths from frozen sperm found in Siberia.

Now, Archea doesn't say that the Scottsdale group is pursuing this avenue of research, but does say "scientists are now experimenting with sperm from mammoths preserved in Siberian ice" in the same sentence as the mice sperm.

It looks like the Archea post is drawn from one on in April that I hadn't seen, and which posted the photo above.


  1. Ooh, let's build a theme park with real live wooly mammoths. I know, we can call it Pleistocene Park!

  2. Hey Lee,

    Just linked back into your blog as it came up in my Scientific Blogging analytics. I write both Archea (my personal paleo musings) and a column for SB 2.0... which has similar content but a more formal tonal quality, or as formal as any geobuff gets. I'm pleased as punch to see your blog and writing. Great information here. I'll definitely add it to my favorites.


    Heidi aka Fossil Huntress