Monday, June 01, 2009

Renewable energy land rush

The Wall Street Journal reports that federal officials are investigating concerns that applications for developing renewable energy on federal lands "could become unofficial currency amid a land rush spurred by increasingly aggressive renewable energy requirements in California and other western states, and as Congress considers a national renewable energy mandate."

The concerns were raised as a result of Tempe-based "solar-panel maker First Solar Inc.'s recent $400 million acquisition of a smaller rival wrongly included pending applications to use federal land." The announcement stated the deal included 136,000 acres of 'strategic land rights' in the western U.S.

A BLM spokesperson is quoted as saying applications per se convey no right and have no intrinsic value. The article states that BLM has not issued any land-use permits for solar power. [right, solar energy resources on BLM lands. Credit, BLM]

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