Monday, June 22, 2009

Countdown to state government shut-down?

I was on the road the end of last week and spent a couple days at our family cabin in Wyoming where we had no tv or internet. But coming back to the electronic world I see the local news starting the countdown to the end of the State's fiscal year on June 30 and the possibility of a shut down of state government.

AZGS, along with all other state agencies, submitted to state planners, a list of "essential services" that would have to continue to operate if a budget bill is not in place.

But the definition of what's 'essential' is extremely narrow - constitutional mandates, voter-mandated activities, and court-ordered functions. None of AZGS's activities fall in these areas, so we expect AZGS will shut down completely until a state budget is approved.

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  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Very unfortunate that funding is very limited and yet Arizona elected officals are trying to kill a very lucrative source of funding....i.e. the mining industry.
    Doesn't make much sense to me.