Monday, June 01, 2009

Rosemont copper mine reclamation plan now available

The Rosemont Copper Mine Reclamation Plan is now available for public viewing at the AZGS offices in Tucson. The Plan was submitted to the Arizona State Mine Inspector in Phoenix, which is the agency responsible to review and approve it. They are seeking public comments on the Plan.

Because the mine is near Tucson and interest is so high, AZGS offered to assist the Mine Inspector's office and serve as a local repository for the Plan.

It's available for examination in the AZGS Library, from 8 am - 5 pm, M-F. Pages can be copied for 15 cents each. The report is hundreds of pages, with many fold-out maps. [right, project site location map, from the Reclamation Plan]

The Mine Inspector has scanned many of the sections and posted them online at

The reclamation plan is just one of many actions that must be approved before the mine can proceed.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Would it be possible to make this available after working hours? I have a regular full time day job.

  2. We are not able to extend our hours, especially with the budget cuts we've taken. However, most of the Reclamation Plan is scanned and online at the State Mine Inspectors web site -

    They said the only pages not included are tables of numbers to support summary numbers in the report. If those are of interest, we can ask SMI to scan and post them as well.

  3. Anonymous9:37 PM

    This link just has forms. Where are the Rosemont Copper Reclamation Plan documents?

  4. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Sorry - never mind that last post - I see the Rosemont docs.


  5. Anonymous7:57 AM

    The entire document - tables and all - has been available on the Rosemont Copper website ( under Other Reports since September 2008.

  6. The Rosemont Copper Mine would be one of the biggest taxpayers in the county — to the tune of $16 million. That pays for lots of teachers, deputies and ball fields.

  7. Taxes are just one of the huge benefits of this type of mine. The jobs and secondary jobs created are an enormous benefit. Let alone the copper which society needs. Todays legislation requires mines to operate much differently than they did even a few years ago. It will have to be operated clean and green. We need to support Rosemont and projects like it. Our State has been blessed with an incredible natural resource. To not mine it responsibly and just leave it there would be a foolish travesty.

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    THis mine would offer jobs ,and taxes for a very short time. a few decades at most.Then we will be left an ugly scarred mountain and a toxic waste site that will last hundreds if not thousands of years. The owners of the mine will return back to Canada fat and happy. the end, at least for them.

  9. Young Miner you are dead wrong!
    First..for obtain better benefits we have to think in a long term, not in a short term, mining now, doesn't guarantee us at all a sustainable economic development at all, specially with Chile and Asian countries mining copper at full.
    Secondly; NO mine is clean and green at all. (show me one) just one in which 100% of operations are not invasive and 100% clean and green, there is not such a thing!
    Rosemont has not a good track record in the mining industry.
    Rosemont it won't offer tons of jobs, because the jobs offered are for highly specialized people and highly skilled, it will be almost fully automatized..and the multiplying effect on the economy it won't be as big as you and everyone else thinks.
    Plus I don't see Rosemont promoting Solar power, wind and/or using electric powered mining equipment..hmmm..
    Also how do they thing they do blasting? Green and clean? pllllllleaaaaaaaaase

  10. Anonymous12:48 AM

    what is this sight for

  11. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Time for the state to step In and allow the mine to start up.