Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oil and Gas Commissioners appointed, reappointed

Governor Jan Brewer appointed Robert L. Wagner to the Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission to replace outgoing Commissioner Robert L. Jones.  Mr. Wagner's appointment runs until January 2013. Governor Brewer reappointed Commissioner Michele P. Negley. Ms. Negley's reappointment runs until January 2014. Governor Brewer appointed Frank Thorwald to replace Commissioner Katosha Nakai.  Mr. Thorwald's appointment runs until January 2015.

Bob Wagner had previously served under an earlier appointment.  Katosha Nakai had accepted an appointment in the Governor's Office last year which required her to resign from the Commission.

The Commission is an independent body that regulates drilling and production for oil, gas, helium, carbon dioxide, and geothermal.   It does not have any staff of its own, so AZGS provides all the technical and administrative support for the Commission.   [right, geothermal drilling near Alpine, AZ, 1993]

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