Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hearing on suit against Forest Service over Rosemont Copper project

The Green Valley News reports that a federal judge in Tucson will hear arguments Monday that the Forest Service improperly included Rosemont Copper officials in meetings with cooperatiing agencies. [right, view of proposed mine site. Credit, Rosemont Copper] The paper reports:

The case was filed by Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, Farmers Water Co. and others. Defendants include the U.S. Forest Service, Rosemont Copper, Arizona Mining Association and other mining interests that have joined the suit to support the Forest Service.

The plaintiffs allege the Forest Service violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act by allowing Rosemont to participate in meetings of cooperating government agencies, but the government maintains that FACA does not apply to cooperating agency meetings. The plaintiffs argue that the Forest Service violated the Freedom of Information Act but says it has complied with FOIA after posting numerous Rosemont-related documents on its web site.

AZGS is one of the cooperating agencies and attended many of the meetings where someone from Rosemont Copper was present. Sometimes Rosemont was there to make presentations. Other times it was to answer questions or to respond to requests from agencies.

The Save the Scenic Santa Ritas group is planning to protest outside the courthouse on Monday.


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    So do you think that Rosemont's attendance was good or bad - did they do anything more than ask/answer questions?

  2. I thought Rosemont Copper's presence at cooperator meetings was of value to the process. I never heard anyone complain or even question their presence there, including those cooperators who have announced publicly their opposition to the project.

    I read the Forest Service's response to the original complaint from mine opponents and thought they made a reasonable case.

  3. Rosemont's grossly exaggerated "Probable Reserves" & grand promises, theatrically reinforced by Concerts and borrowing from Augusta, while low-balling collateral gold & copper that remains in the ground, does not appear to be substantially supported by the skarn geology nor by permit applicants with ANY prior P.O.O. or bonding/reclamation experience. Open pits are a fools gamble, bigger pits allow even idiots to find ore. Conspicuously ABSENT are any considerations for NON_Corporate miners; such selective acts betray the People's control of their 18866 Mineral Estate Grant & abuse of the 1872 Mining Law for corporate gain, which is a form of treason.