Thursday, June 09, 2011

"Protecting and promoting" mining in Arizona

Arizona State Senator Al Melvin urged mining advocates today to join together in an Arizona Mining Alliance to "protect and promote" mining in Arizona. He spoke to a group of 50 attendees at the inaugural meeting of the Arizona Legislative Mining Caucus in Tucson today, hosted at the Granite Construction company offices. More than half dozen other legislators attended, including a brief visit by the newly elected Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin. [right, core drilling at Resolution Copper mine]

Other attendees included State Mine Inspector Joe Hart, Bob Quick, new executive director of the Arizona Mining Association, Steve Trussell, executive director of the Arizona Rock Products Association, Sydney Hay, head of AMIGOS, Rod Pace of Rosemont Copper, representatives of Freeport McMoRan, Asarco, Resolution Copper, CalPortland Cement, and numerous other companies.

Sen. Melvin asked that the group form an Arizona Mining Alliance to show the clout of mining in state. Monthly meetings will be held in Tucson, with other organizations and companies being invited to join. Sen. Melvin bemoaned the amount of federal land in Arizona compared to Texas and eastern states, and called on the federal government to get out of the way on development of the Rosemont copper mine.

Mary Poulton, head of the UA Dept. of Mining & Geologic Engineering, was featured speaker, explaining the role of mining in society, why Arizona is the number one mining state in the nation, and the role the university plays in mining research and education.

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