Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reclamation progress on Magma Mine in Superior

Resolution Copper's quarterly newsletter arrived yesterday with a report on the voluntary reclamation they are conducting on the old Magma Mine outside Superior. [right, before and after photos. Credit Resolution Copper Mining Issues Brief]

"Reclamation of surface areas involves re-contouring the landscape to improve drainage and water collection and covering mineralized
material, such as tailings and rock piles, with three feet of rock and soil. This creates a good growth media for re-vegetation. Then,
workers hydro-seed the area with a mixture of mulch, fertilizer, water, seeds from native vegetation and a bonding agent. The vegetation
takes hold, preventing erosion and keeping moisture away from the old mining waste. The new vegetation reclaims the area and blends
the site into the surrounding native vistas."

They also reported on treatment of water from
the historic Magma Mine shaft. "The water is treated, tested and then transported through a 27-mile pipeline to the New Magma Irrigation
and Drainage District where it is blended with Central Arizona Project water to irrigate 5,000 acres of Arizona farmland. The company has delivered to date more than 1.6 billion gallons of water."

Details on the dewatering and irrigation programs are online at

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