Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kingman poll on northern Arizona mining ban

The Kingman (AZ) Daily Miner newspaper is running a poll on reaction to Interior Secretary Salazar's ban on mining on federal lands in northern Arizona. While the issue has been framed in the news media as a choice between saving the Grand Canyon or poisoning the drinking water of 25 million people, the issues are more complex than that.

There's a long legacy of mining in the Kingman region (hence the paper's name) that is evidenced in these poll numbers:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicates he'll favor a permanent ban on uranium mining in the Arizona Strip outside Grand Canyon National Park. Salazar's announcement was praised by environmental groups and harshly criticized by local officials, who say mining uranium has the potential to create thousands of jobs and millions in revenue.

Science is on Salazar's side

Protect the environment no matter what

There is no legitimate reason to ban mining in the area

Salazar is just another eco-nut

[Thanks to Larry Turner for passing along the link to this]


  1. Please also consider other mineral operations in 'green' rare earths category, soon to be part of the new American minerals rush, under a blanket prohibition with uranium bearing minerals.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    this is simply another avenue to restrict the freedom of us citizens. The freedom in reference is economic,social freedom and choices of life style.The larger government grows the less room there is for the citizens to enjoy there particular choices of life style, the more laws are passed to deny our freedom the less freedom we enjoy as u.s. citizens simply put for liberals sake, not wanting to (tax!), there brain.

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Science is on Salazar's side. Protect the environment no matter what.

    Please do not infringe on my right to live in a clean and safe environment and raise healthy children who respect this amazing world.