Monday, January 27, 2014

A Geologist in the Grand Canyon - an interactive map tour

Join Arizona Geological Survey geologist Steve Rauzi and a team of Conoco geoscientists as they raft through Grand Canyon examining the Precambrian Chuar Group. The trip, which occurred in 1996, begins at Lees Ferry and ends at river-mile 225.

The expedition resulted in two publications by the Arizona Geological Survey: OFR-98-17 -- Geologic Description, Sampling, Petroleum Potential, and Depositional Environment of the Chuar Group, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1998, 92 p., 2 sheets and OFR-02-1 -- Geologic Description, Sampling, and Petroleum Source Rock Potential of the Awatubi and Walcott Members, Kwagunt Formation, Chuar Group of the Sixtymile Canyon Section, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 2002, 84 p., 1 sheet. The reports are available for download at the Arizona Geological Survey Document Repository at

[description taken from the map site]

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  1. Most Excellent! I especially love your photos of the participants. Your geology is, of course, spot on, as always and brings new insights to every excursion.