Saturday, January 04, 2014

Northern Miner stories track renewed mineral exploration in Arizona

The Northern Miner weekly newspaper is one of the more important news sources in the mining industry, so what they cover can send a message.     In 2013, Arizona stories were front page headlines four times, more than anyone we know can remember.    The last issue of the year included a feature piece on the Pinto Valley copper mine and its better than expected operations under new owner Capstone (right).

Nyal Niemuth, Chief of the AZGS Economic Geology Section, noted in the Pinto Valley story, that   BHP estimated a $1.80 copper cash cost, net of byproducts. Neither BHP or Capstone have reported any molybdenum production to date in 2013.   Local sources told us recently that the molybdenum circuit is not running.

The other front page stories were:

May 6-12: Passport Potash, and Capstone buying Pinto Valley

July 15-21:  Eurasian Cu exploration Copper Basin

Nov 4-10:  Northern Vertex  Moss gold mine

The stories are consistent with what we've been hearing and seeing - the mining industry is bullish on Arizona.  Even the big guys who have exploring internationally, are coming back to Arizona as they reassess the resource potential and the more stable political and economic environment compared to many other jurisdictions.

Northern Miner reports a record year of growth, with the Web site now attracting more than 85,000 visits per month, and almost half a million unique visitors for all of 2013.

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