Monday, January 20, 2014

Resolution introduced to designate Ash Fork as "Flagstone Capital" of Arizona

State Representative Tobin has introduced House Resolution 2001designating Ash Fork as the "Flagstone Capital" of Arizona.  [Right, Cornerstone Materials operations yard, Ash Fork.  Source, Cornerstone Materials] The full text follows:

Whereas, in 1882, Ash Fork, Arizona was founded when the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad pushed through the area; and

Whereas, the arrival of the railroad spearheaded the Ash Fork flagstone industry.  Noticing the abundance of flagstone in the Ash Fork area, railroad employees started to quarry flagstone to build bridges.  Additionally, the presence of the railroad enabled the people of Ash Fork to send flagstone to other locations for the construction of public buildings, churches and office buildings; and

Whereas, in 1893, Ash Fork tragically burned to the ground.  The area was soon reconstructed on the other side of the railroad tracks using Ash Fork's famous flagstone; and

Whereas, the Ash Fork flagstone industry continued to grow and prosper after the 1893 fire.  Its citizens eventually decided to unofficially designate Ash Fork as the "Flagstone Capital"; and

Whereas, Ash Fork is currently supported in large part by the flagstone industry; and

Whereas, the Ash Fork Historical Society and the Ash Fork Development Association have both voted on and approved of the designation of Ash Fork as the "Flagstone Capital."


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arizona:

That the Members of the House of Representatives support the designation of Ash Fork, Arizona as the "Flagstone Capital."

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