Friday, November 07, 2008

Paleontologists challenge 'dino dance floor' interpretation

Margie Chan sent out an email this afternoon, sharing the news that a team of paleontologists inspected the newly described dinosaur trample ground in northern Arizona and disagreed with the interpretation she and her former grad student, Winstone Seiler [right] published in Palaios last month. Margie wrote:

"While they were there briefly, I did feel they had some compelling arguments. I thought about what is best for the science and what is the best way to move forward.
I think open communication, collaboration, and a relook is the way to go. So, it's disappointing in some ways, but also something to look forward to (another learning experience). My goal is always the truth, and doing something positive. The paleontologists are reputable and they said they really respect how I've handled the situation. This is how science works!"
[note: I edited out a few minor asides in the interest of keeping the flow. LA]

The University of Utah put out a press release today, offering the differing views. Brent Breithaupt, director and curator of the University of Wyoming’s Geological Museum, said “There simply are no tracks or real track-like features at this site.”

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