Thursday, November 06, 2008

Proposal for UA Institute for Mineral Resources to move forward

Out of a dozen 'white paper' proposals for mergers and reorganization of earth science and environmental programs at the UA, only one, Institute for Mineral Resources, has been approved for development into a full proposal.

The review committee found the other proposals in many cases were overlapping and did not show sufficient consultation with and support from proposed collaborators. They recommended that "the proposers of these white papers meet to discuss the best
approach(es) for reorganizing units focused on earth and environmental sciences
and develop a common proposal or proposals to provide the strongest opportunities for
research and teaching collaborations."

The earth and environmental sciences white papers include:

#124 Unit of Environmental Engineering & Science
#132 School of Sustainability for Energy Water and Materials
#134 School of Geological, Atmospheric, Hydrologic and Environmental Sciences
#141 Institute for Mineral Resources
#144 School of Soil Water Environment and Natural Resources
#156 Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP and the Transformation Process
#157 School of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
#167 A Campus-Wide School Devoted to Earth and Environmental Science
#170 Earth and Environmental Consortium
#178 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
#181 College of Design and the Sustainable Environment (Revised)
#183 Hydrology and Water Resources

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