Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why the IMR initiative is so important

The major funding announced yesterday for the Institute for Mineral Resources at the UA is going to build on the schools already national leadership position in mining engineering and economic geology.

Just look at the size of the Arizona programs compared to others in the U.S. in the maps above [credit, IMR-UA]. What's so important about the Science Foundation Arizona and industry support of the IMR is that nationwide we have lost 5 of 13 mining engineering programs and 14 of 31 economic geology programs in our universities. That increasingly puts the nation at risk in dealing with the exploration, development, and impacts of mineral resources.


  1. Lee, where can I find a higher resolution version of those images (especially the economic geology one)? I would like to pass it along to undergrads who are considering grad school in economic geology (and we've got a lot of them here).

    Maybe we should invite Eric Seedorf to give a talk here and do some recruiting.

  2. The two maps are at about the same size as the ones I found on the UA Dept of Mining and Geological Engineering Web page at

    Try contacting Dept chair Mary Poulton, or prof's Eric Seedorf or Mark Barton for better/bigger versions.