Monday, November 10, 2008

R.I.P. Mars Lander

After more than a week without a signal, the Phoenix Mars Lander mission was declared over today by team scientists and engineers. The last signal came on Nov. 2, but the UA team will continue to monitor for a few more weeks in case the Lander revives. That seems unlikely as shorter days, clouds, and dust combine to reduce power to instruments that are furthered weakened by the onset of winter cold.

UA Principal Investigator Peter Smith expects the team will continue to evaluate data for months to learn more about the history of water on the planet, and whether the Martian arctic environment has ever been favorable for microbes.

The mission has been a raging success by all standards and taken the UA planetary program to a new level.

[right, artist's rendition of the powered landing. By Corby Waste, JPL]

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  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    You saw the video in transformers, the same thing for Mars Pathfinder...they exist!!!