Friday, January 30, 2009

Resolution Copper to sink shaft to 1,100' in 2009

Resolution Copper issued a project update that they are going forward with construction of the #10 mine shaft. [right, my photo of the #10 shaft site - by equipment in rear - in May, 2008]

"Two major construction projects are underway simultaneously on the shaft. First, active shaft sinking using a temporary sinking setup began in late December 2008. To date, the shaft has progressed to a depth of 260 feet. At the same time, we’re constructing a permanent setup for the hoist and headframe to be completed by July."

Their goal for 2009 is to reach the 1,100-foot level of the previous Never Sweat mine tunnel, then to begin full sink efforts on their way toward the 7,000-foot depth needed for the underground copper mine.

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