Saturday, January 24, 2009

Science Debate - what next?

Following the strategy meeting of Science Debate leaders and advocates at ASU in Tempe two weeks ago, the organization is calling on its 38,000 members to weigh in on the future directions of the organization.

An email went out to the members yesterday asking them to share their visions. The general consensus is that Science Debate 2008 had a profoundly positive impact on the 2008 elections and the incoming administration. Science is once again getting America's attention as indicated by proposals to add billions of dollars to research budgets for economic recovery and investment, the appointment of several early and highly respected Science Debate 2008 supporters to key positions in the Obama administration, and the President's powerful comments about science in his inaugural address.

[right- some of the Science Debate team met at ASU in January. From left to right: Shawn Otto, Angie McQuaig, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Ira Flatow (kneeling), Matthew Chapman, Austin Dacey, Lawrence Krauss, Lawrence's spouse Katherine Krauss, Chris Mooney, Chris's mother Sally Mooney, and Erik Beeler. Attending but not pictured: Lee Allison, Darlene Cavalier, David Guston, and Rick Shangraw]

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