Monday, January 19, 2009

Science means jobs

Congressional and Administration leaders are telling scientists to 'think bigger' in proposing plans for investment in R&D and technology, because science means jobs.

There's a penetrating report in this week's issue of Science where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is quoted as telling a panel of scientists including geophysicist Maria Zuber from MIT, that the "[America] COMPETES Act is good. But ask for all of it now, and think bigger." That would double the NSF and DOE Office of Science budgets over 7 years.

The American Physical Society boosted their wish list for science from $1.5 billion to $3.5 billion after being told by the Obama team to 'think bigger.'

The Association of American State Geologists released our Geoscience Recovery & Reinvestment Program last week and state geologists have been talking with our Congressional contacts about the 2,900 jobs it would create, including in AZGS. A delegation of state geologists are heading to DC on Thursday and Friday to meet with key Members and staffers to explain how the proposal fits in the emerging national plans.

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