Saturday, January 03, 2009

Uranium mining in the West

Noting that "groundwater was involved in the formation of many large uranium ore deposits, and increasingly groundwater (fortified with other compounds) is being used to mine them using in-situ leaching methods," the Nov/Dec issue of Southwest Hydrology (published by SAHRA at the Univ. of AZ) has 7 excellent articles on uranium mining in the southwest U.S. The entire issue or individual articles can be downloaded at the website:

Western Uranium Development: The Next Boom?
Clyde L. Yancey and Betsy Woodhouse

Uranium Geology of the West
Clyde L. Yancey and Virginia T. McLemore

Groundwater Remediation from Uranium Mining in New Mexico
Jerry Schoeppner

In-Situ Recovery of Uranium
Mark S. Pelizza

DOE Remediation of Uranium Mills: A Progress Report
David M. Peterson, Laura E. Cummins, Judith D. Miller, and Richard P. Bush

In-Situ Recovery of Uranium
Mark S. Pelizza

Well-Field Mechanics for In-Situ Uranium Mining
Shao-Chih (Ted) Way

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