Thursday, February 05, 2009

Arizona stone quarries

We've just learned about the Quarries and Beyond web site that has the most extensive materials on stone quarries for each of the states we've seen. The unnamed stone quarry at right is from their Arizona page. This is an awesome resource.

Thanks to David at Stories in Stone for sharing this.


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I was a little disappointed. I was searching for information about some quarries in Yuma County (Signal Butte, Growler) that I think became operations between 1952-1955. I haven't been able to find any citable documentation.

  2. In Arizona, construction material quarries from QTb don’t commonly get reported in the geologic literature unless a detailed report for the area has been done.

    It is disappointing that although these quarries are clearly shown on the Growler 7.5’ 1955 quad they are not listed in Yuma County AzMILS. This is not uncommon for 5 counties (Yuma, La Paz, Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz)done by a contractor. We have wanted to systematically review the topo quad sheets and at least catalog all mine symbols as has been done for the other counties 15’ quads and in many cases the 7.5’ maps.

    It's on our to-do list.