Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rep. Giffords' forum on stimulus for science & technology

More than 300 people, including cameras and reporters from every major news outlet in the region, packed into the UA Student Union yesterday to hear Rep. Gabrielle Giffords report on the newly passed stimulus bill's impacts on science, technology, and energy. This was the first of four such forums covering different aspects of the economic plan that will be held in coming days. Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup and Arizona Technology Council CEO Stephen Zylstra also spoke.

Giffords ran rapidly through a set of powerpoint slides that are now posted on her congressional website.

One of her slides described the distribution of S&T funds as through competitive grants, tax incentives for individuals and businesses, and federal agency operating and spending plans.

It appears there are opportunities here for the scientific community to work with the cognizant federal agencies here to help decide on how these funds will be programmed and spent.

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