Sunday, February 22, 2009

Group claims attacks on two Tucson women to halt mining and animal research

A group calling itself Tucson H.A.A.N.D! (Hooligans Attack At Night Duh!) posted an announcement online last night that they vandalized the home of a UA professor of medicine and the car of a manager of the Rosemont Copper mine.

They call the UA prof a 'vivisector' who performs research on rhesus monkeys and say they shut off the water to her home and filled the utility box with concrete. The group posted the profs work address, phone, and email but the sponsoring site removed her home address and phone number.

They also say they went after Rosemont Copper's Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs to oppose development of the proposed mine, by slashing a tire (presumably on her car at home).

Opposition to the copper mine is increasing in intensity. Last Tuesday, about 30 members of Earth First protested outside the Federal building in downtown Tucson against the mine and for a ban on new mining in national forests.

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  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I heard that this group actually got Rosemont's public information officer's tires, instead of a manager's tires. It's saddening to see that eco-terrorism has raised its ugly head in Arizona.