Thursday, February 05, 2009

Meteorites on sale

There are a lot of vendors selling meteorites at the Tucson gem and mineral show here. Specimens are generally sold by the gram, with $1/gm the typical price. Big pieces ranging 100 pounds or more, are individually priced. The Argentinian one at right is priced at $8,000

I picked up a big chunk of Nantan meteorite (landed in China in 1516) and pieces of heavily weathered rust fell off on the ground. Which is why that is only going for $16 per pound.

Most are well documented as to their location and mineralogy and collectors are typically seeking specific sites. But some vendors just have boxes or bins marked 'meteorites,' for the buyer looking for something novel.

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  1. Watch out for those Nantans, you can literally watch them disapper in front of your eyes!

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