Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paleo-piranha movie firing up Lake Havasu, fans

The movie fan sites are abuzz with word that Richard Dreyfus [right] will make a cameo in "Piranha 3D" which starts filming in Lake Havasu next month. Dreyfus will reportedly play a role that pays homage to his marine biologist character in the original "Jaws." The new movie is a remake of the 1978 horror film "Piranha" and will feature prehistoric piranhas unleashed by a tremor that opens the bottom of Lake Havasu. [and these paleo-piranhas have been living where under the lake bottom? inquiring geologists and paleontologists want to know!]

Actor Scott Adams [bottom right, best known from "Knocked Up"] is supposed to play a USGS geologist who encounters the killer fish while diving in the lake. AZGS was contacted last week by the film company for permission to use some of our geologic maps as props in movie scenes.

The Lake Havasu News has been running stories about the production and last week announced an open casting call for April 18. The casting company is quoted as saying "they would really like to encourage people interested to show up in their swimming suits — girls in bikinis, boys in swim trunks, although it is not necessary" and "stressed the importance of enthusiasm for the extras, stating they are looking for people who will really act drunk during the party scenes, and who would really act like they are dying when they die in the film." Extras will earn a whopping $7.25 per hour, plus get fed and may get tapped to utter a line or two of dialogue, which will earn them substantially more.

The paper said "anyone interested in being cast as an extra in “Piranha 3D,” should e-mail a full body photo, close-up photo, and contact information to"

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