Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cullum Geographical Medal to UA's Peter Smith

Last night, I posted Peter Smith's prediction that we will find life on another planet in 10 years, and mentioned in passing that he received the American Geographical Society's Cullum Geographical Medal [top] before his talk at the University of Delaware.

There are more details from the UD daily newspaper now about the award that I want to share. The Cullum Geographical Medal is the oldest of the American Geographical Society's awards. Established in 1896, it is "for those who distinguish themselves by geographical discoveries or in the advancement of geographical science."

[photo: from left, Barbara Borowiecki and William Roselle, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, won the American Geographical Society's Samuel F. B. Morse Medal, and Peter Smith of the Phoenix Mars Mission and the late Matthew Henson received the Cullum Geographical Medal. Leila Savoy Andrade, Henson's great-great-great-grand niece, accepted the posthumous award. Credit, UDDaily]

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