Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ok, Stephen Colbert, it's on!

Stephen Colbert dissed Tucson the other night, saying first that Gabrielle Giffords represented 'not even the good half' of Tucson but quickly quipping, "I'm kidding. There is no good half."

The local Tucson blogging community has covered the story with journalistic reserve. But where's the outrage! Where's the gratuitous chest-thumping defense of Tucson from our civic leaders? Where's the silly local response? Okay, that last one is right here.

Mr. Colbert took his cheap shot because our esteemed Congresswoman had the temerity to suggest that NASA naming a node after him on the International Space Station might not be the best idea. The node will house the urine recycling facility for the ISS. Stephen (what, he's too good to go by 'Steve', a good solid American name? And by the way, what's with the pronunciation of 'Colbert' with the silent 't'? Sounds French) lobbied his many millions of viewers to vote for naming the urine node for him.

Well, Tucson, let's line up to show Mr. Colbert just how well he's regarded here. I am willing to formally designate my home septic system as the "Stephen Colbert Septic Collector," or SC-squared. So, I call on my own few dozens of readers to counter the legions of Colbertistas and back me up. Let's make it official - "SC is full of it!"

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  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Tucson has a lot going for it in terms of science. However, it sounds like the science community there don't have much of a sense of humor about where they live.

    Come on guys, I've lived there & a Tucson resident really needs a sense of humor to live there & there is a heck of a lot about Tucson worth laughing about.

  2. I love Colbert! I found this funny--he's trying to stop laughing himself. All in good fun! Your SC2 is funny and he'd be the first to appreciate it.