Thursday, February 04, 2010

Arizona falls to #2 in mineral production as US output drops 22%

Nevada edged out Arizona as the top non-fuel mineral producer in 2009, with total value of $5.51 billion vs $5.42 billion.     Utah was third with $4.0 billion in production.   Arizona produced 9.5% of all mineral value in the nation.

Nationwide, the value of metal production declined 22% while total mineral production dropped 18% to $35.8 billion.  
These numbers come from the newly released USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries 2010.  There's a good summary analysis posted on today as well.

Copper production declined last year by 120,000 tons vs the expected increase of 200,000 tons.  USGS says 20 mines accounted for 99% of US production.

 One surprising aspect of this is that the USGS apparently released this report with no announcement.  It seems to have just been posted quietly.

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