Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arizona snowpack at 232% of 30-year average; near-record streamflows expected
Statewide, the Feb. 1 snowpack in Arizona measured at 232% of the 30-year average according to the National Resource Conservation Service.   As a result of this and other climatic factors, the forecast calls for near record streamflow levels for all of Arizona’s major rivers for the spring runoff period.  This could mean significant potential for flooding.

NRCS says "On the Salt River near Roosevelt, the runoff forecast calls for 239 percent of median streamflow levels (850,000 acre-feet) for the February-May forecast period. On the Verde River above Horseshoe Dam, the long-term runoff prediction calls for 275 percent of median streamflow levels (550,000 acre-feet). On the Little Colorado River above Woodruff, streamflow is forecast at 429 percent of the 30-year median.  [right, Roosevelt Dam. Credit, SRP]

"As of Feb. 1, the combined Salt River Project (SRP) reservoir system is at 93 percent of capacity with 2,162,000 acre-feet in storage. San Carlos Lake stands at only seven percent of capacity with 64,000 acre-feet in storage."

February 1, 2010 snowpack levels, (percent of 30-yr. average):
Salt River Basin 233%
Verde River Basin 266%
San Francisco-Upper Gila River Basin 222%
Little Colorado River Basin 234%
Central Mogollon Rim 241%
Chuska Mountains 191%
Grand Canyon 139%
San Francisco Peaks 209%
Statewide Snowpack 232%

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