Friday, February 19, 2010

Plans for ADMMR, mineral museum are ongoing

Mining, mineral, and geology groups across the state are asking for more information about Governor Brewer's plans to transfer the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum to the Historical Society to become the Arizona Centennial Museum.    In response to questions from stakeholders, the governor's staff shared these responses with me.

Plans for the Centennial Museum began many months ago and were born out of the fact that ADMMR was losing ability to deliver on its statutory mission after the series of budget cuts over the last year. The budget cuts necessarily came out of personnel and other non-rent funds, resulting in the loss of significant staff and program capability. It was clear ADMMR needed to find a cheaper facility, which led to the concept of re-purposing the facility into the Centennial Museum. As far as rent, the AHS will receive through a budget transfer the amount of money currently allocated for rent in the ADMMR budget. In future years, the AHS budget will increase by the amount necessary to cover rent. Additionally, the employee position and funds for the curator currently budgeted in ADMMR will be transferred to AHS to assist in managing the new museum. As far as the question of title, that was one of the first questions asked of the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA), and we were assured that the new concept would cause no concern. The plans for the future of ADMMR are still ongoing as the original concept of moving them into empty space at the Governor's Offices with a mineral museum on the 1st and 2nd floors was ruled out due to the metal detectors which could not be relocated. The ADOA is examining other State owned office space where rent is currently being paid by some other agency where we can relocate ADMMR. We have some period of time while the Centennial Museum is being designed to find a new location for ADMMR, so the move is not imminent.

ADMMR Director Madan Singh released a statement on Wednesday,  saying, "it should be understood that there will be discussions between the architect/designer and the mining and other communities involved with the project, before the design is finalized. The mining industry will have considerable input as regards the minerals and mining displays and the messages they convey."

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  1. Does this make sense to anyone? ADMMR could not afford the rent on the AMMM building, and has to move to smaller quarters. BUT, the rent money will be given to the AHS, so ADMMR still will not be able to recover staff and comply with mission requirements.

    Meanwhile, the mineral museum, and essential educational resource enabling teachers to comply with state mandated science curriculum requirement, is scrapped!