Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vulcan Power raises $108 million for geothermal projects in western states

Geothermal energy company Vulcan Power has raised $108 million from Denham Capital, an energy and commodities based private investment firm to develop projects in Arizona, Nevada, California and Oregon.  Vulcan says they have approximately 170,000 acres of "prime geothermal properties" in the four states. The portfolio includes leases on private and federal lands.

After reading Vulcan's press release, I discovered the company's Chief Scientist is Dr. Jim Combs, who was one of my professors in the geology department at UC Riverside.


  1. Congrats, this is such a great deal of help! Way to go Vulcan! I'm hoping good things happen with this amount of money.

  2. Geodesy Exploration, Inc.5:08 PM

    This is a great company,doing great work. I have worked with Vulcan power as a consultant for a couple of years now and they are top notch in every regard. Dr Combs is a good man and has contributed much in the way of Vulcans future in Geothermal energy production.

    Geodesy Exploration, Inc.