Sunday, February 14, 2010

Future of ADMMR, mineral collection raised

Update (2-18-10 15:41) - it was pointed out that both the documents referenced below have been removed from the ADMMR site.

In a press release today, the Arizona Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources stated,
It is unclear at this time where the Department of Mines and Mineral Resources would move or when. The museum was told by the design firm Gallagher & Associates, that no
minerals in the collection will be released, but since the collection already occupies the available space in the museum, it is difficult to see how the mineral displays will not be affected in sharing equal space with the other ‘c’s.’ It is also unclear where the museum’s
outdoor mining exhibits, consisting of one of the few operating five stamp mills, head
frame, steam locomotive, haul truck tire and large shovel bucket will be relocated.
ADMMR has also posted the full 27-page brochure from Gallagher & Associates, outlining their vision for the museum [right].

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