Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dueling water pipelines for Green Valley

I've read the Green Valley News article from last Saturday a couple times now and have to admit, I'm still confused over the arguments between Farmers Investment Company (FICO) and Community Water Company over plans for each to build similar pipelines to carry Central Arizona Project water to the area to recharge the aquifer.

Rosemont Copper is supporting the CWC plan, while FICO is one of the most vocal opponents to the mine.

The water table in the area is dropping dramatically, due to overpumping of groundwater, primarily from agricultural use, resulting in substantial subsidence [right, Green Valley subsidence area, 2-2009 t0 1-2010. The Rosemont mine is off the figure to the right (east). Credit, AZ Dept. of Water Resources].

But there are obviously more details and nuances to the debate than the recent story can cover, and I have not followed the argument that closely.

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