Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flagstaff flood control costs of $15 million

Coconino County supervisors were briefed on Tuesday about the possible flood control measures needed for the Timberline subdivision that flooded last summer after the Schultz fire denuded the slopes above the alluvial fan based homes.

AZGS geologist Ann Youberg participated in the county review of 6 options presented by engineering firms a couple weeks ago. They ranged from building a massive set of diversion berms that would de facto become regulated dams, to leaving the area as it is but buying out all the homes. The latter option was suggested as being cheaper than building enough flood control structures to protect the properties. Such actions have been taken elsewhere in the state. The larger project proposals have price tags of $30 million or more.

Meanwhile, we received a link to a set of photos of the Schultz fire on Dan Greenspan's blog that we hadn't seen before. [right]


  1. Additionally, the NAU Cline Library website has photos of the Schultz fire, the Hardy fire and the flooding after the Schultz fire. These include many of my own images of the Hardy Fire.

  2. Restoring our ecosystem and even building up floor control systems does not only take a lot of effort but also a huge amount of money. this is way better than not to do anything at all. But there is no excuse of taking care of our mother earth. That's is the best prevention against disasters. thanks for this post.